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The Aussie Perspective on Domestic Violence and Violence Free Family Life.

This page looks at what has been described as the greatest social crime of the age. As a child protection worker I see addressing this issue as being one of the most important and effective ways of building a child protective attitude into our society. The page is constantly being updated with local and international links to sites that might achieve this goal. At present we are inroducing a new child protection Act in New South Wales that addresses specifically, as one of its componenents, the damage caused by domestic violence in homes and communities. Comment of what this Act hopes to achieve, and if it is suceeding will be added soon.

A Beginners Guide to Establishing a Website.

Under construction is an understatement for this site at present. When I first wrote this page getting your site known was an entirely different business than it is today. I have just spent several weeks on the Web researching the changes. In the coming weeks I will be offering a complete revamp of this site. You will soon be able to access the resources you need to advertise your web page whether it be a personal home page or a small business site.

Fruit of the Vine and Other Things

This is an ongoing journal of my journey with wine and the food it accompanies. The wine is largely but not exclusively Australasian and the food is definitely International.Find a recipe for any ocassion and learn what the experts and I say about the wines we drink in our house. Wine producers are invited to sponsor this page in return for honest wine appraisal.

My Life and Everything Else

This is about me and those I care about. I have photos of the clan and stories about our activities that I hope will inform our friends and entertain our visitors. Take a look it may surprise you.

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