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My Resources for Building and Promoting a Web Presence

First you need a place to put your page/s

If you really want the world to know, then you need to get on as many of the search engines and directories as possible. These amazing beasts will promote your site by putting you in their database for others to find. Some are business oriented and others have an amazing range of categories that range from adult sites to kids story sites. It is important that you make your Title and key words as relavent as possible to what your site is promoting. Some Engines also offer best of awards, or are part of promoting such awards.

There are many different site styles and all have a place, my early pages will be text heavy, and very simple as I need to put the Web to work for me, but later I will be extending into graphics and applets that will make my pages more interactive, I also need to take some time to shave my graphics down for faster loading. The content is most important but an eyestriking opening is also useful.

If you are planning on getting known then the following search engines and graphics and webpage sites could be helpful.

My Links to Search Engine and Directory Submittal Forms

555-1212 Business Directory: Search by business name or category
123Link: Linking Business to consumers
Webaholics Country Flags Directory: A directory where you promote the flag of another country in return for listing your site
2ask Best of Planet Awards: Nominate your own site and add to a directory that will be viewed by and the sites voted on by thousands
AAA Matilda: New Site listings 1 year for non-profit and 21 days for commercial
Australia, What's New 2: A site dedicated to listing new Aussie sites
World Homepage Archive: Put your homepage alongside those from around the world
Easy Submit Advanced Business Systems: Links to a free submitting service. Masses of directories and Search Engines
On Line Now!: A directory of classified ads by subject, city and country
Dewa Directory: Another very comprehensive directory. Can be filed under Australia or under Universal depending on your audience
Commercial Service Provider Directory: If you intend to make money then put it here wont accept "homepages" as such.
EiNet-Galaxy: The oldest search engine on the Net
Starting Point: Everything you need to work the Web everyday

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