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Without Rights

Each year in Australia many children are injured and some are killed. 
They are the forgotten victims of domestic violence. Many could not 
leave even if they wished to because of their age and dependency on 
their parents.

Many parents say to me that the children never heard the fighting!! The Police were called but the children never heard?? They probably stayed quietly in their beds, only aware of the intense anxiety that the fighting between their parents caused them. The fear when their father or father figure, shouted; their mother screamed or things were thrown or smashed.

Research on the effects of witnessing domestic violence on childrens development is becoming available and the links take you to resources for working with kids who have been traumatised in this way.

Resources for Kids Exposed to Domestic Violence

Teaching Children subjected to Domestic Violence Because of Alcohol or Drugs: This is a site that looks at issues facing children in drug or alcohol dependent families, Domestic Violence is one of those issues
Computer Artwork From Child victims of DV: Five Slides drawn by the Forgotten Victims.
What can a Kid Do: A page dedicated to supporting Kids exposed to Domestic Violence

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